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Doctors’s Salary in Dubai

Doctors’s Salary in Dubai

Salary packages are mostly dependent on your negotiation skills

Salaries vary widely depending on your qualifications and negotiation skills. Salaries are usually similar to, or greater than those paid in western nations.

Salaries also vary widely depending on:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Employee history

Know how to bump your pay

Most healthcare facilities in Dubai will offer new Doctors a guaranteed salary amount to start with whilst they build their practice, with a lucrative incentive scheme/revenue share model on top –  which will then in time increase your earning potential significantly based on your productivity. 

We always recommend that Dubai is more suitable for long term relocation plans as it can take time and patience to build your presence here and get well established.

Therefore, when applying for job opportunities in Dubai you have to meet employers halfway; you need to show that you are committed, loyal, driven and willing to be very proactive and invest your time and efforts to make the hiring collaboration successful.


Dubai is an extremely attractive place for many expats from all over the world from various cultures, backgrounds and religions, so the hospitals are never short of applications of job seekers looking to relocate here.


As we have been specializing in recruiting healthcare professionals to Dubai for over 6 years now we feel that we have an extremely in-depth understanding and awareness of the salary scales and earning potential in the market.


We would say that Dubai is more suited to highly driven confident people with an entrepreneurial spark, who enjoy the game of working hard and reaping the rewards and who are comfortable taking responsibility for their results.

After the salary negotiation, it is good to check with your employer other employment benefits and pay package

A basic employment package in Dubai consists of several items that are mandated by law. Your employer must guarantee a return flight back to your homeland when employment has ceased. Your basic salary must be outlined in the contract and any gratuity pay must be discussed as well.


30 days paid annual leave plus public holidays adding up to 44 days per year in the private sector. Health insurance is provided by the hospital via a private healthcare company.

The law mandates basic items to be included in the compensation package of the employee:

  • Basic Salary
  • 30-day annual paid leave 
  • Medical Insurance
  • Recruitment and visa-processing fee and associated costs gratuity Pay Return flight to your home country at the end of your contract

Dubai is open to everyone, there is the potential and opportunity for anyone to be successful here. However, we would say that you have to be very strong-minded, as many people will be telling you constantly that there is too much competition and the market is tough. 

Dubai is really somewhere that you can invest your future in and reap rewards long term on a progressive basis.

After starting our business here over 6 years ago we have no regrets and we can say that there is nowhere else in the world we would rather live right now than Dubai.

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