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Earning Potential for Doctors in Dubai

Earning Potential for Doctors in Dubai

Although Doctors can still more than double their current salaries (mainly due to the non-taxation), not all hospitals in Dubai are providing accommodation and education allowance for children, and I just wanted to explain our understanding of why this is.

It takes 6-8 months for a new doctor to establish themselves and build a patient base. Hospitals invest in new doctors and risk losing revenue if they leave for another hospital.

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As your patient base grows, many doctors then go on to profit-sharing contracts rather than salaried contracts. This allows for higher earnings in comparison to a salaried contract. Some doctors also go on to start their own clinics and businesses once they have learned about the market.

However, it’s important to first become established in the Dubai Healthcare system, learn the culture and adapt to the way of working here. You need to show the hospital that you are committed and serious about your intentions.

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