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We’ve been lucky enough to work with countless clients that we’ve placed and helped settle in Dubai. Their feedback is crucial to us and is a large part of what makes Allocation Assist one of the leading consultancy agency that represents highly accomplished Doctors to explore their career options with the major hospitals in Dubai & UAE.


Dr. Chetan Katre

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon

“I would like to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude to Emilie and Allocate Assist for the entire experience in getting me the job in SEHA and relocating to Abu Dhabi. Emilie and her team at Allocate Assist are very professional and were extremely helpful in the entire process from day one and went that extra mile to make the whole process of application till the commencement of the job very smooth and hassle free. The company works with utmost integrity and honesty. It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with Emilie and her team and would like to thank her for all her help.


Dr. Balaji Senniappan

General Surgeon

“Emilie and her team are amazing and a boon to the doctors from abroad wishing to relocate to the UAE. The friendliness, professionalism and efficiency of all in the team take it to a different class of service. Continued communication and help after relocation is second to none. Thank you guys”


Dr. Soroush Sohrabi

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

“It was a pleasure working with Emilie and her fantastic team at “Allocation Assist”. Professional , friendly and highly motivated. I would highly recommend them.”


Dr. Mohammad Allow

Consultant Haematologist & Medical Oncologist

“I highly recommend Allocation Assist, they introduced me to my working opportunity in Abu Dhabi and they also keep in touch post relocation with regular networking events for Doctors.”


Dr. François Bruchou

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

“Dear Emilie,Congratulations for your efficiency and your professionalism. It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team. You know how to find solutions to help people.Thank again.”


Dr. Jose Javier Singla

Consultant IVF

“I have been working as a doctor in Dubai for some time now, and due to different circumstances, from time to time I need to express my eternal gratitude to Allocation Assist, Emilie Davias and their entire team. At the time, with professionalism, honesty and enthusiasm, they helped me on the challenging path of obtaining not only a medical license but two that my sub-specialty required. After that they took on the even more intricate path of getting a job offer. Today, already inserted in the medical labor market of the Emirates thanks to Allocation Assist, I can better evaluate and measure what was done by Emilie Davies and, by demonstrating the deep knowledge they have of how medicine in the Emirates works.A superlative and very important added value that Allocation Assist undoubtedly offers is a professional support network after the fact, which enhances the quality of its services. Thanks, again! Again, congratulations for what you do and how you do it.Here’s to more achievements Emilie and Allocation Assist.”


Dr. Iraj Ahmadi

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Simply, Five Star plus Service for me to start a new chapter in my career. Emilie and Co at Allocation Assist have been amazing and supportive all thru the process of recruitment, beginning by placing the CV strategically in UAE health-care system, securing the best offer, processing the required registration and maintaining correspondence at each step. It does not stop there, once I joined here in Dubai, they encouraged and facilitated networking among colleagues from various Specialties and health-care providers nourishing favorable skillset branding.I would definitely recommend Allocation Assist to whomever is seeking a high caliber medical career in the UAE.”


Dr. Emina Ejubovic

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

“It was a great privilege to work with Allocation Assist.Emilie and her whole team is great and they did everything to make the whole process as smooth as possible.I have been regularly updated about the every step in the process,from obtaining the DHA license to finding a great job opportunity for me.I highly recommend Emilie and her team from Allocation Assist to anyone who decides to make a huge change in life and decides to begin a new chapter in Dubai.

Thank you very much and keep the good work”


Dr. Dana Ihsan

Consultant Psychiatrist, Swedish Board.

Allocation Assist stands out as an exceptionally professional and experienced team. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding members of this team. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Allocation Assist. Their unwavering professionalism and dedication mark them as a truly exceptional agency. Having dealt with many other recruitment agencies in three Western European countries over the last few years, I’ve found that other agencies prioritize their profit. In contrast, Allocation Assist treats me like a friend. They assist me not only throughout the entire process but also after securing positions, consistently following up and addressing any issues. A big and sincere thank you!”


Dr. Hammad Bajwa

Consultant Endocrinologist

Simply, Five Star plus Service for me to start a new chapter in my career. Emilie and Co at Allocation Assist have been amazing and supportive all thru the process of recruitment, beginning by placing the CV strategically in UAE health-care system, securing the best offer, processing the required registration and maintaining correspondence at each step. It does not stop there, once I joined here in Dubai, they encouraged and facilitated networking among colleagues from various Specialties and health-care providers nourishing favorable skillset branding.I would definitely recommend Allocation Assist to whomever is seeking a high caliber medical career in the UAE.”


Dr. Richard Baker

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

“Allocation Assist got me my Consultant job in Abu Dhabi where I am very happy. Ifyou’re a British doctor looking for a job in the UAE, this is where you start. Go for it!”


Dr. Ibrahim El Husseini

Consultant Pulmonologist and Critical Care Medicine.

Best firm, extremely professional. They helped me with every step along the way and would highly recommend them!! Their communication was great throughout the licensing process and it went smoothly. They were very honest and upfront about what they can do for me, and their business model is one of the best in the area. Highly recommend it!”


Dr. Michael ROGER

Consultant Family Medicine

Working with this company has been a pleasure from start to the end, both on a personal and professional level. Their responsiveness, kindness, and efficiency are impressive.

This kind of peace of mind for stressful and demanding processes is priceless. Thank you again to them for their support”


Dr. Yousar Jafar

Consultant Breast Radiologist

Emilie and her team are very professional and have provided great service. She was recommended to me by a friend and colleague who also had a great experience with the Allocation Assist Team. Thank you Emilie”


Dr. Mavin Macauley

Consultant Endocrinologist

“Excellent services from Emilie and the Allocation Assist. The team provided timely updates with progress and reassured me all the way. I am happy to recommend Allocation Assist for their high standards of professionalism.”


Dr. Hanan EL-Mileik

Consultant Gastroenterologist

‘I would strongly recommend Emilie and her amazing team, if you are a specialist and considering relocating to the UAE. Emilie is excellent and has worldwide connections and marketing skills. Emilie and her company are well known in UAE and particularly Dubai, she is well known to all hospitals and Health Care providers and Groups in Dubai and the rest of UAE.

The amazing team processed my DHA license in less than 4 weeks and had my work interview in less than 6 weeks. I am still amazed by the team’s utmost professionalism, efficiency,friendly approach and patience in explaining procedures and progress. Emilie’s support continues , with all the relocation and settlement issues and challenges.

I am indebted and most grateful to all this incredible team.’


Dr. Zainab Abdawn

Consultant Histopathologist

My experience with Allocation Assistant is excellent. The staff are highly professional  and experienced in their field. They responded to all my queries promptly and efficiently. Thank you very much to all of you in particular Abdul Rahman who was very helpful in every step of my  reallocation process. I highly recommend Allocation Assistant to every doctor who wishes to find  a job and relocate to the Middle East.”


Dr. Karifala Tarawali

GP Dentist-Implantologist

‘Emilie and her team were very professional and efficient in organizing my registration with the DHA and securing a position at American Hospital Dubai. I only had to provide the necessary information and the rest was done by the team. I strongly recommend Allocation Assist.’


Dr. Sonja Cerovac

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

‘The Allocation Assist team was super helpful for me. They’re attentive and committed, but most importantly caring. Excellent, supportive, personalized and ‘can do’ approach.’


Dr. Joana Coelho

Family Medicine Consultant

“It has been amazing working with Allocation Assist, the service provided is priceless
and the support is unconditional. All the employees are very helpful, but I have to highlight the work of Abdel, who is always available, even on holidays. Thank you Emilie, thank you Allocation Assist. I will always recommend your services”


Marouane Bouloudhnine

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

‘it is very pleasant to keep in touch with Allocation Assist team since they guided my relocation to Dubai and helped me to connect with one of the best hospitals in the UAE. I highly recommend them.’


Kübra Zengin Altintaș

Ob&Gyn-Genital Aesthetic Expert

‘When l need to find an answer, they direct me to get the solution. l recommend Allocation Assist to every Doctor who plans to work in the region.’


Nishanth Girija Kumar

American Board Consultant Nephrologist

Always available and approachable.
‘I like the fact that they are always available and approachable and their business model has a doctor’s best interest at the center. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the medical field looking to relocate to the UAE’


Francesco Russo

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Extraordinary reality and all round support.
‘It is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life, Dubai is an extraordinary reality full of culture and very open to business. I want to thank you very much for your support during the license process and helping me to find my dream job here!


Kurt Schlemmer

Consultant ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon

‘It has been an absolute pleasure working with Allocation Assist. They are professional, caring and attentive and have been instrumental in facilitating the process of us relocating to Abu Dhabi, always ready to help where they can. I highly recommend Allocation Assist.’


Ana Kacarska

European Board Obstetrician & Gynecologist

‘I strongly recommend Allocation Assist, they are sincere, honest and fully dedicated to their job.. The whole team is perfect. They are always there to tour guide you and support you through the whole process to find your dream job in Dubai. Keep doing this great work’


Professor Robert Hierner

Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

‘I started my professional life in Dubai with Allocation Assist. Emilie and her team also gave me reliable and uncomplicated advice on moving and the necessary administrative steps. From my own experience, I can warmly recommend Allocation Assist to anyone who wants to go to Dubai to work here. A 5 star service with personal advice and touch. Great work!’


Salma Berrada

French Board Consultant Radiologist

Time and Energy saving for all healthcare professionals.
‘I highly recommend Allocation Assist to all healthcare profes- sionals who want to relocate to Dubai! It will save you time and energy! Thank you for your precious help!’


Andrea Lorente Miranda

Consultant Neurologist Fellow of the European Board of Neurology

‘If you are a professional and you want to relocate to Dubai, you will surely need a professional agency, it’s probably impossible on your own. I wasted time and money unnecessarily. I recommend Allocation Assist: Emily Davis and all the team because they are always available for any questions and delays that may arise. The most important thing for me is their availability and cordiality. Thank you.’


Dr. Saleh Hessen

Consultant Endocrinologist Emirates Hospital, Dubai

“Professional and Accessible at your convenience.”
Highly recommend Allocation Assist and the dedicated team to every doctor who decides to find a job and relocate to Dubai. They are professional in their job, and at the same time, they are always there when you need them.


Hecham Harb

Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist

‘It was pleasure dealing with Emilie and the team at Allocation Assist . I have been introduced to more that one employer within short period of time. Emilie is a pleasant, confident and professional person. I wish her all the best.’


Lara Hokayem

Anesthesiologist at Highness Beauty Clinics Dubai

‘Working with Emilie and the team at Allocation Assist made the whole process of getting my license and eventually a job seamless and easy. They were always available to answer any questions I might’ve had as well as to guide me every step of the way. Thanks to them I was able to get everything done in record time. I can’t recommend Emilie and her team enough if you’re looking to get your license done and/or if you’re looking for a job in the medical field. Thank you so much all for helping me begin a new chapter!


Nikolaos Koutsostathis

Consultant Allergist and Clinical Immunologist MD PhD

‘I would like to thank Emilie form my heart first for her excellent professional services during my DHA licensing process and founding a great job. All the time she was supportive, optimistic, approachable. She is caring for her doctors and I think she feels all of them as her large family. Even in periods of frustration during license procedure and covid epidemic she was optimistic, enthusiastic and her positive energy transformed all problems to solutions. She is also a great character and I truly admire her effort and hard-working spirit. I highly recommend Emilie as the first choice for any doctor who is considering DHA license and relocating to the UAE.!


Dr Azam Sahar Malek Ghasemi

Fetal Medicine Specialist from kings college Hospital London , Obs and Gynae specialist. practicing in Medcare Hospital, Dubai

‘I highly recommend Emilie for any doctor or medical professional who is looking for relocating to UAE, she is absolutely the best and most professional in her career! very committed and approachable, very precise and ethical, with a proper knowledge of her field, she is very careful and aware of all the details of the licensing process. more than everything she is a very nice person and treats her clients like her friends.


Michael McLaughlin

Consultant Intensivist/Anaesthesiologist, Director of ICU at American Hospital Dubai.

‘It was pleasure dealing with Emilie and the team at Allocation Assist . I have been introduced to more that one employer within short period of time. Emilie is a pleasant, confident and professional person. I wish her all the best.’Great service. I couldn’t recommend any more highly. Totally new to the requirements of Dubai and Emilie efficiently dealt with any questions I had. She was an email or a phone call away at any time of the day. The process of getting the license was as easy as sending her the documents and nothing more. When there was a problem Emilie had found a solution and replied within 24 hours. Thank you to you and your team for all of your help getting started here in Dubai. If you need a license in Dubai use Emilie and Allocation Assist.


Ahmad Al-Shoha

Consultant Endocrinologist & Director of Endocrinology Department at American Hospital Dubai

‘Emilie helped me in obtaining my DHA license… After initial consultation and paying the fees and providing the necessary documents, the process was smooth and she and her team updated me regularly and answered my questions in a timely manner. Emilie and her team at Allocation Assist were quite efficient and this enabled me to get my DHA eligibility letter quickly. Emilie is kind, approachable, honest in giving advice and goes beyond just getting you a DHA license. She is caring…I always felt she did put my interest at the top of her priorities and when she gave me advice re the healthcare market in Dubai, she was always sincere. I strongly recommend Emilie and her team


Roula Saade, M.D.

Gastroenterology Consultant at Mediclinic Parkview and Mediclinic Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.

‘Emilie Davies made the process of moving from Lebanon to Dubai so smooth for me. Supportive all along, helpful, always available to answer any question and always so nice and friendly!
I felt like I had a very knowledgeable friend before even moving there!
I cannot recommend her enough for anyone going through the licensing and recruiting process in Dubai!
Thank you Emilie!


Rasha Kazamel

Family Medicine Consultant at Cooper Health Clinic

‘Emilie has immense knowledge of both the international and local markets. Besides knowing the in’s and out’s of the placement business, she gives excellent advice, is deeply insightful and will be your advocate from start to finish.
She differs from everyone else in being hugely passionate and will go the extra mile! She’s very easy to talk to, a good listener and her brilliant ‘CBT’ skills (which she’s totally unaware of) is the cherry on the cake.
I highly recommend Emilie to any health care professional who’s looking into moving to sunny Dubai. She’s undoubtedly the best choice for your next career move


Dr. Gavin Spence

Consultant Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon at King's College Hospital London, Dubai

“Always There To Help❞
Allocation Assist helped me move from the UK to my new job in Dubai early in 2020. Because they know the details of the complex licensing processes, have good contacts with and are highly respected by the hospitals here, and used to work in the NHS, they were able to guide me through the application process efficiently and smoothly. When I visited before, I accepted the job, and when I came out to start it, Allocation Assist was always there in person to help, encourage me and support me. Eight months on, we are still in contact and meet up regularly with other doctors who have moved to Dubai. They take their work very seriously and continue to provide help and advice even after “placing” me, for which I am very grateful. If you are serious about moving to Dubai, working with Allocation Assist will make the process easier!


Nandan Shanbhag MD, MBA

The Oncologist , Precision Cancer Care | Building Comprehensive and Compassionate Cancer Departments Globally

‘Emilie is just an amazing person and professional and has perfected the art of knowing the needs of the healthcare in the UAE. If there is anyone in DUBAI who can guide the highly skilled International Physicians to Dubai,it has got to be Emilie and her team Allocation Assist. DHA registration is the key to practice in Dubai and thanks to Emilie’s continous support both my wife Dr Sneha Shanbhag and I were able to register and acquire the license. The whole time consuming process was made super smooth and clear by Emilie.
What I love about Emilie and Team is their absolute honesty and upfront communication about what is possible.
Trust me they leave no stone unturned to professionally guide the physician towards registration and post registration formalities. Sneha and I are thankful to Emilie for supporting us and continuing to support us


Andy Langdown

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

‘I started my application process to get UAE licensing about 2 years ago – I now have a position as International Visiting Professor of Orthopaedics at Saudi German Hospital.
My first impression was that the licensing process would be far too time consuming and frustrating to do myself and it would be better if I appointed someone to organise it on my behalf. Contacting Emilie was the best decision I made! From the start, she was approachable, enthusiastic, professional and efficient. The licensing process changed midway through my application but this was of no concern to Emilie and I was lucky that I was not on a pressing timescale. All of the difficulties were addressed and sorted without me needing to get involved and I was presented with a fait accompli by Emilie at every step. Emilie has clearly identified a niche in the market and has considerable experience in negotiating the complex maze that is healthcare licensing in the UAE. We have had a lot of fun along the way and I would not hesitate in recommending Allocation Assist and Emilie to any doctor who is considering relocating to the UAE.


Fatma Ayca Gultekin

Professor of surgery, colorectal surgeon

Allocation Assist! They are doing a great job.

It was a great chance to work with them. They were meticulous in finding me the best position, and it took me a year to find a job in Dubai. I am very happy with the clinic they found where I work. After settling in Dubai, Allocation Assist always retained their support. Thank you very much, and I highly recommend them.


Dr Peter Baptista

Senior ENT Surgeon, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

‘Professional Service’
I have had an excellent experience with them, Allocation Assist took care of my DHA License and introduced me to one of the leading hospitals in Dubai.


Dr Ronnie Mollah

Consultant Emergency Medicine, UK CCT, Clemenceau Medical Center Dubai

I highly recommend Allocation Assist.
They are approachable and knowledgeable in the Dubai
healthcare sector.
They advised and were available for questions and queries whenever required.
I would definitely recommend the team for assisting in relocating to Dubai as a healthcare professional.
Keep up the excellent work team Allocation Assist!!


Dr. Patricia Oliveira

Dermatology Specialist Novomed, Dubai

“The Allocation Assist team have always been very approachable, fast, and kind. I was delighted with their professionalism.”


Dr Hecham Harb

Consultant Endocrinologist, Australian Board, Emirates Hospital Dubai.

I was introduced to major hospitals in Dubai in a short space of time
They are pleasant confident and professional.


Dr. David Rae

Consultant Surgeon, Emirates Hospital Group, Dubai

“Best Advice for Professional Guidance”
Outstanding knowledge of the healthcare market in UAE and rightly respected by all in the field. Allocation assist combines a great depth of knowledge with a disarming charm. You would be well advised to be guided by these impressive professionals.


Majidah Bukhari

Consultant in Gastroenterology and Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Gastrointestinal American Hospital Dubai

“Thank you for your full support”
Allocation Assist has been amazing throughout the recruitment process! They possess deep knowledge of the medical sector and work with a prestigious wide hospital in Dubai and well-qualified doctors. I have been impressed with Allocation Assist since they first contacted me for a consultant Gastroenterology position at Ameri- can Hospital Dubai. They are friendly, intelligent, and hard-working. I am sure that their efficiency will help other candidates.


Dr. Marwan Dadoush

Consultant - Gastroenterology Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi

“They are always there for you.”
It is an amazing experience in my life to keep in touch with the Allocation Assist team since they guided my relocation to Abu Dhabi and helped me to connect with one of the best hospitals in the region. The whole team is perfect. I highly recommend Allocation Assist: Emilie & Abdelrahman. They are always there for you. They will save you time and energy. Thank you for your precious help.


Dr Mehmood Zeb

Consultant Intervention Cardiologist Mediclinic, Dubai.

66 World-Class Team”
This has become possible due to your dedication, hard work, attention to detail, and great communication skills. Throughout this lengthy process, I felt fully supported, and you made me feel in control. I have no doubt you are a world-class team and deserve more appreciation for your high-quality professional work.


Dr Claudia Kristensen

Consultant Neurologist, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, German Board

I had a really positive experience with Allocation Assist.
They found me the right hospital and position, they were also
helpful and kind all through the process of making contact, negotiating the contract and on boarding with the new hospital. I am grateful to Emilie and her team for the professionalism, everyone in the team are kind and easy to approach. Problems were
solved fast and efficiently. I will definitely recommend Allocation Assist to all doctors who is looking for job in Dubai and UAE.


Dr. Leonardo Oliveira

Senior Ophthalmologist Mediclinic, Dubai

“Extremely professional and surrounded by an outstanding team. I had excellent support in my moving process to Dubai. Thank you so much!”


Ana Kacarska

European Board Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Perfect Team to guide and support your career decisions.
‘I strongly recommend Allocation Assist, they are sincere, honest and fully dedicated to their job.. The whole team is perfect. They are always there to tour guide you and support you through the whole process to find your dream job in Dubai. Keep doing this great work!


Dr. Tahir Mirza

Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Burjeel Medical City

“A passionate team for Dubai’s Healthcare Sector”
I am very grateful to the Allocation assist, who helped me attain my medical license and get my 1st post in the region. They were very professional in their approach and kept me updated on the progress of my license application. I have recommended a few friends already. The Team is extremely passionate about the healthcare sector in the region, and this comes across in their energy and drive. I cannot thank you and the team enough!


Dr. Jafaru Abu

Consultant Gynecological Oncology Surgeon Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi

“Could not have done this so smoothly without their very kind assistance in the whole process.”
I was contacted via email by Allocation Assist about the opportunity to work in the UAE. I was told my surgical and clinical experience would be most invaluable for a position in one of the top hospitals in the country. In no time, I got in a formal virtual interview that was completed and within 2 weeks. The process of the medical practic- ing licensing as I have now heard since working here from other colleagues who did not use Allocation Assist can be a complicated process. Luckily, Allocation Assist was happy to handle this for me for a fee appropriate considering the various processes involved. I cannot recommend Allocation Assist any more highly to anyone wishing to come and practice in the UAE. They will take the stress out of the whole process of licensing and help you to find the most appropriate placement that suits your expertise


Nick Bennett

Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai

“Excellent communication; would definitely recommend!”
Allocation Assist has guided me through the application, often communicating directly with the DHA on my behalf and keeping me informed of my progress. Their communication is excellent, always responding to my questions promptly, even if it happens to be late into the Dubai night. My quest for a Plastic Surgery post has already been successful, and this has been largely due to my recommendation of to some colleagues who believe that any doctor looking to move to the UAE should use their skills and knowledge.


Dr. Demetrius Evriviades

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon King's College Hospital London, Dubai

“Relocation Made Stress-Free”
The team at Allocation Assist have worked tirelessly on my behalf. Nothing was ever too much trouble. They made my move to Dubai stress-free. Highly recommended.


Alan Mulvihill

Peadiatric Opthalmologist, Al Jalila Children's Hospital, Dubai

“Regular updates from the team on progressions were also incredibly valuable.”
Allocation Assist was outstanding at guiding me through the licensing process and later in finding a suitable job in Dubai.


Dr Ghada Nasrat

Senior Paediatrician, American Hospital Dubai

Thank you, Allocation Assist, for delivering what you promised.
I can’t recommend them enough for healthcare professionals seeking to relocate. Thank you, Emilie and Sallam, for your help and assistance and follow-up.


Dr. Farah Faytrouni

General Pediatric and Pediatric Gastroenterology Medcare Hospital, Dubai

“Experts in their field.”
I highly recommend Allocation Assist to any medical professional looking to relocate to UAE. They have been really professional, knowledgeable, attentive and on top of things within a fast, smooth and friendly approach.


Charles Bain

Consultant Plastic Surgeon at American Hospital, Dubai

Great communicators, highly recommended
Emilie and her team are great communicators and are totally committed with a ‘can do’ attitude. Highly recommended.


Dr. Marcela Pimenta

Specialist Allergist Novomed Centers, Dubai

“Quick, Honest and Hardworking”
I’m happy and satisfied with the tireless work of the crew at Alloca- tion Assist. They helped me through the process of my DHA revali- dation, and after that, they placed me in Dubai’s healthcare sector quickly. This is an honest company, and each step of the way, they were there helping and supporting me. So thank you, Allocation Assist, for all the hard work.


Dr. Tetyana Proenca

Family Medicine Consultant, Kings College Hospital Dubai.

“Professional Ethics”
I am very grateful to the team of Allocation Assist for all their help and support since day one. All of my queries were answered quickly, and all possible options were explained with a clear and proactive approach. I thank the team for being extremely helpful, supportive, and patient with me through the challenging time of finding my Dream job and my family’s relocation to Dubai. I recommend Alloca- tion Assist as a company with outstanding performance.


Dr. Noorullah Mohammed

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Health Services Company-SEHA, Abu Dhabi

“Hassle-free DHA licensing journey”
Allocation assist has made inroads in UAE. The company is making inroads in dealing with licensing and placement for overseas doctors. The team made my licensing process hassle-free. I recommend her services to any potential job aspirants in UAE.


Cumhur Kaan Yaltirik

Specialist Neurosurgeon, International Modern Hospital, Dubai

I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for help.
I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your support and assistance during my job search. Special thanks to Allocation Assist, who has been incredibly professional, supportive, and dedicated to finding me the position. Their attention to detail and expertise in performing all the necessary procedures has been invaluable. I am thrilled to have found a position that aligns with my career aspirations and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Allocation Assist. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for help.


Dr. Mussarrat Ammad

Consultant Gynecologist Clemenceau Medical Center, Dubai

“Best at assessing the best positions in Dubai’s Healthcare system
Allocation Assist is not only very Professional but also friendly. My interactions with them always made me feel at ease. They are extremely good at assessing the best position matches for health care professionals.


Dr. Sultan Shobaki

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Al Sharq hospital,Fujairah

“Allocation Assist is the best.”
At the start, I didn’t think applying for the license would be an issue…now I believe it’s not, you have to be with allocation assist. The team has been very helpful, supportive, and professional. The team was very helpful throughout the different stages of my application. ‘The team was very helpful throughout the different stages of the application and also secured my job here in UAE! Thank you so much recommend everyone to be part of the Allocation Assist family.


Dr.Asmaa Yasin

Prime Hospital, Dubai

I have been in association with Allocation Assist since 2020. I praise the staff for their professionalism and attention to detail. I would recommend the company to anyone looking for a job in that part of the world.


Andrew Foggitt

Consultant Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai

“First class support from everyone at Allocation Assist; I cannot recommend them enough.”


Dr. Konstantina Kotsifi

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant ORPEA Rehabilitation Hospital, Dubai

Amazing, professional Team! Thank you!


Dr. Taj Chowdary

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi

“Absolutely fantastic experience”
Totally professional. Step by step guidance and updates. Bespoke service. Strict timeline adherence. Highly recommended.


Dr. Girish HC

American Board Peadiatrician and PICU Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

“Highly professional with timely response to each and every query”
The team at Allocation Assist are truly amazing! They take care of the entire process including licensing, job search and relocation. They handle every aspect with utmost details. I highly recommend them to any Doctor looking to make the UAE as their next profes- sional destination.


Astrid Orth

American Hospital Dubai, Consultant Paediatrician, UK / German Board

I recommend Allocation Assist to anyone planning to relocate to Dubai.
Relocating to UAE is not easy. Although I had already registered successfully with DHA before I joined Allocation Assist, their help was invaluable in securing a position in a reputable hospital. There are so many pitfalls to applying for website advertising positions. Allocation Assist helps navigate that minefield by offering a complete package to applicants, starting with support to obtain a DHA license. They are reliable, trustworthy, caring, and proud of themselves for securing the best positions for their doctors. I would recommend Allocation Assist to anyone plan- ning to relocate to Dubai.


Sarmad Almansour

American Board Consultant Rheumatologist, Medcare Hospital Dubai

“My dreams came true when Allocation Assist assisted me in locating a job in Dubai.”
I had great pleasure to work with Allocation Assist’s team. They helped me a lot in obtaining my license and securing my dream job in Dubai.


Omar Bani-Saad

Consultant Critical Care and Acute Internal Medicine, FRCP, FFICM, FHEA, PGDip Med Ethics and Law University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust

I wholeheartedly recommend Emilie for her exceptional support during our move to the UAE. Initially, I was filled with apprehension about this decision, considering finding the right job, licensing complexities, and the overall transition to a new healthcare system. However, Emilie and her team transformed this experience into a seamless journey. She provided personalized choices and invaluable connections, making the process significantly easier. Her team’s constant accessibility and reassuring demeanor kept me at ease. I truly believed in their dedication to my best interests. Emilie’s assistance has left an indelible positive impact on me and my family, for which we are forever grateful. Best wishes to you Emilie.



Consultant Neurologist at Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi

Working with Emilie and the Allocation Assist team was the best decision I made for my career. They helped me navigate the complex process of DHA and DOH licensing, and they found me a great job at a top hospital in the UAE. Their team was always available, responsive, and efficient, and they saved me a lot of time, money, and energy, cheers to Abdelrahman and Salam. Emilie also provided me with valuable coaching and support throughout the relocation process, and she helped my family and me get settled in our new home. I am starting a new chapter in my life, and I am grateful to Emilie and her team for making it possible. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a medical job in the UAE.


Tetyana Palamarchuk

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, Dubai

I cannot recommend Emilie and Allocation Assist highly enough!
The company is very proactive and Emilie was personally involved throughout the whole recruitment process. After I received an offer, the company was actively advocating for me. Emilie kept up to date with my progress and even visited meat my new workplace!
As a part of Allocation Assist family, all the doctors are being taken out for socialising to the best Dubai places – organised by Emilie! Great experience!
Personal touch – it is what makes Allocation Assist and Emilie herself great.
Thanks very much indeed!


Serkan Dogan

Emirates Hospitals Group şirketinde Gastroenterology, Associate Professer, Dubai

My UAE journey started after introduced with Emily. I know her more than 5 years by LinkedIn including 1 Year face to face. Anyone who wants to come Dubai as a doctor trust her and should follow her advices.


Mohamed Nada, MD, MHBA

Gastroenterology consultant at NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah

I am immensely grateful to the agency for their exceptional assistance in finding me a job. Their dedication, professionalism, and tireless efforts truly made a difference. With their support, I have now embarked on an exciting career path, and I cannot thank them enough for their invaluable help.


Alan Mulvihill

Consultant ophthalmologist at Al Jalila Childrens Specialty Hospital Consultant ophthalmologist at Al Jalila Childrens Specialty Hospital Dubai Health Authority

I have recently been through the process of medical licensing in Dubai followed by finding a great new job.
Emilie and her team at Allocation Assist were indispensible to the whole process. I was advised and updated at every stage and would wholeheartedly recommend that any doctor looking to move to Dubai avail of their expertise and knowledge of healthcare here.


Dr. Nancy Molon

Radiology Specialist Mirdiff Hospital HMS, Dubai

“Immense Guided Support from Team Allocation Assist”
I want to thank the Team Allocation Assist for helping me every step of the way to obtain my DHA license, since the past two years, they not only assisted me but were guides and support in every question and every situation. I sincerely recommend that if you choose to work in the wonderful city of Dubai. I am very grateful to all of the Allocation Assist team.


Rachel Kaminski

Pulmonary Physician Saudi German Hospitals Group Dubai - UAE

Emilie Davies, and her team provided me with a fantastic service from start to finish. Always answering my questions and reassuring me every step of the way. The registration process and licensing was clear and transparent- and happened quickly and efficiently. She got my name out there in Dubai, and was able to react when job opportunities presented themselves. She is well respected by the medical clinics in UAE, and this was obvious when I was interviewed by some fantastic CEOs. Her honest, thorough approach has resulting in me getting a fantastic job. I feel without her, I would still be looking for my dream job. Thank you Emilie, and the rest of the wonderful team.


Cumhur Kaan Yaltırık, MD, PhD, FEBNS

Specialist Neurosurgeon ; European Board Certified Neurosurgeon(FEBNS); Associate Professor at International Modern Hospital, Dubai

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your support and assistance during my job search. Special thanks to Emilie Davies, who has been incredibly professional, supportive, and dedicated to finding me the position. Her attention to detail and expertise in performing all the necessary procedures has been invaluable.
I am thrilled to have found a position that aligns with my career aspirations and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Allocation Assist. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for help.

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