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The Complete Guide of DHA License for Healthcare Professionals

The Complete Guide of DHA License for Healthcare Professionals

Dubai is a land of opportunities for healthcare professionals as it offers higher salaries and work-life balance to professionals, but moving to the city without a DHA license is not a good idea. The first step towards landing your dream job in Dubai is to get a DHA license. So, here is a small guide to securing a DHA license.

What is a DHA License?

The DHA (Dubai Health Authority), is an establishment of the Department of Health and Medical Services issued by law to enhance the health sector and transform Dubai into a healthcare hub. When a qualified doctor has a DHA certification, they can begin a career in Dubai. It applies to almost everyone including a doctor, nurses, dentists, and a dietician. According to the authorities, attracting a talented workforce is about creating an integrated healthcare system in Dubai. The Govt. aims at providing customer experience, efficiency,excellance and transparency in the whole of Dubai’s healthcare system.

As per the Dubai Health Authority’s annual statistic report of 2017, DHA received an 82.4 percent increase since 2016. DHA licensing service in Dubai helps doctors practice dentistry in Dubai. It is a mandatory licensing exam for all healthcare workers interested in practising in the Emirate of Dubai. Whether you are a medical professional or want to go to Dubai, DHA certification is a must for employees before they enter the Dubai medical industry. The DHA certification aims to qualify the employees before entering the Dubai medical industry.

In short, before you even find a job in Dubai, you should have a license. Some doctors even take six months to get their license before applying for a job. The DHA has laid down some steps for DHA licensing.

The Complete Guide of DHA License for Health Care Professionals

  1. Check eligibility- Check whether you are eligible for a DHA license or not. DHA license agency in Dubai recommends visiting Sheryan, the online licensing system for the complete licensing process. There you can enter yourself -into the assessment tab and enter the info related to your qualification and experience. When the system approves your eligibility, you can move to the next step and wait for the review.
  2. Register an account for DHA- You must use the online portal Sheryan, and open the DHA portal by registering a new account and providing the info.
  3. Primary source verification- After obtaining the DHA license, the next step is PSV and CBT. Once PSV is complete, you can go for a CBT assessment. PSV tests the applicant’s educational qualification, experience and other relevant details. The aim of PSV is to examine the applicant’s identity and experience in detail. On the other hand, the CBT assessment can check the knowledge, skills and academic expertise.
  4. Register for a DHA license- When you register in the Sheryan portal for processing the DHA license application, you can register a professional button in the web portal and enter the required info by paying the DHA registration fee. While you upload the documents, you can pay the DHA registration fee.
  5. Oral assessment- The authorities should closely observe all the steps closely to prevent the wrong person from obtaining a DHA license. After that, it is essential to go for the oral assessment and choose an assessment date convenient for you. You can choose a date convenient for you and pass the assessment.
  6. Get the license- Once you pass the oral assessment, you will be registered as a licensed medical practitioner, and need to activate the DHA license to pursue the medical practice and submit your offer letter.


Getting your DHA license can be overwhelming and confuses most outsiders. Why not take an expert service and choose the DHA licensing service in Dubai?

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