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Once our dedicated licensing team are happy that your documents are satisfactory for the DHA License process, we will create a case and upload all your documents onto the online application.

DHA Guidelines

We have doctors working in Dubai from all over the world so it is essential that there is…..

DHA Requirements

​A career in healthcare in Dubai starts with obtaining a registration in The Dubai……

Our Process

Here is the step by step process once we start working together to obtain your DHA license

Step 1:-

Get in touch with us to know which documents you need to submit to our licensing and highly experienced team of DHA licensing and job placement services in Dubai.

Step 2:-

We will go through all your documents before starting application process. Before processing your application request, we will ensure they are perfect for the application process. (Since the DHA laws are strict, we will make sure the documents are matching the requirements of the Dubai Health Authority for DHA license for doctors).

Step 3:-

Once we find satisfactory documents, we will create a case and upload all your documents for online application process.

Step 4:-

Once we closely monitor your application process, we will update you about the verification process and update you accordingly. If there are any delays or complications related to the DHA licensing service in Dubai, we will update you as well. (Most cases do not have issues, but some cases need attention).

Step 5:-

The Dataflow process usually takes 6 – 8 weeks altogether and once all of your verifications are completed, you will be issued with a positive dataflow report which we will send to you. This is valid in almost every Gulf country and it will never expire.

Step 6:-

Once all your documents have been verified by Dataflow, we will link the Dataflow report to the DHA application.

Step 7:-

We will then submit your DHA application and DHA will respond within 1 – 2 weeks, they will either accept your application and issue your DHA registration document, or they might ask for additional information about something, and if they do we will take care of this and support you to meet their request.

Step 8:-

Once your DHA registration has been issued, we will then connect you to all the relevant and suitable hospitals in Dubai that match your profile and skillset and we will fully support you with the entire relocation process as well as contract/salary negotiations as we are familiar with the market range.

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