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What is Neom?

What is Neom?

“At NEOM, we are addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity by bringing together a community of the brightest minds committed to reimagining what a sustainable future will look like in 20 to 30 years, and building it today. We are redefining the future now.”

NEOM Chief Executive Officer, Nadhmi Al-Nasr.

What is NEOM?

NEOM is a visionary project bringing futuristic transformation and sustainable development to a region in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2017 by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, the NEOM project includes numerous cities, conservation areas, resorts and other developments. NEOM prioritises people and nature, providing a place for sustainable living, work, leisure and well-being.

Where is NEOM?

NEOM is in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, in an area bounded by the Red Sea to the south and the Gulf of Aqaba to the west. The region encompasses an area of around 10,200 square miles or 26,500 square kilometres. To get an idea of the scale, this is roughly similar in size to countries such as Wales or Belgium, or the state of New Jersey in the USA. NEOM’s coastline is 468 km long, and the region includes 41 coastal islands.

What is the vision behind NEOM?

NEOM is creating a new model for urban sustainability, where health and well-being are prioritised. NEOM will attract people from around the world, to visit for leisure or work, and to make their home there. The project will conserve and protect natural habitats, and the entire region will be powered by renewable clean energy, such as wind and solar power. It is also designed to be a hub for innovation, research and development, bringing together the brightest minds to solve the world’s urgent challenges.

How did NEOM get its name?

The name NEOM, comes from a combination of ‘neo,’ meaning new, and the first letter of the Arabic word for future (mustaqbal). This name was chosen to align with the project’s future-orientated vision, to reimagine and change the way we live, do business, and look after the planet.

What are the regions of NEOM?

Oxagon, a strategically located, thriving port city will be the economic and administrative heart of NEOM.

Oxagon is aiming to become a hub for innovation, manufacturing and logistics, powered by renewable energy, to enable the sustainable industries of the future. Trojena will be a world-class mountain tourism destination.

Trojena experiences sub-zero winter temperatures and has a year-round moderate climate that is cooler on average than the rest of the region. It will offer adventure sports and a winter ski resort.

Sindalah, a luxury resort island destination in the Red Sea, Sindalah is set to be one of the first NEOM destinations to reach completion and start welcoming guests in early 2024.

The Line is a 500 metres high, 200m wide and 170 km long city with no roads, cars or emissions. Residents will be able to access all daily essentials within a 5 minute walk, or use the high-speed rail, with an end-to-end transit of 20 minutes. The Line redefines the concept of urban development with efficient climate control and a reduced infrastructure footprint, powered by 100% renewable energy.

The Gulf of Aqaba is home seven to development projects:

Leyja – a luxury eco-tourism destination in a magnificent natural valley between 400m high mountains. Visitors can experience scenic nature reserves, adventure activities and wellness resorts.

Epicon – A relaxing escape featuring an ultra-luxury hotel, resort, luxurious residences and beach villas.

Siranna – Located in an idyllic cove where the sea, mountain and wadi meet. Signature beach club, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, nature trails and boutique restaurants.

Utamo – This destination combines the natural beauty of the mountainous landscape and cutting-edge technology to create the theatre of the future. Utamo will host unforgettable immersive experiences by the world’s greatest artists.

Norlana – An exclusive waterfront community centred around active living, wellbeing and world-class sporting facilities.

Aquellum – A subterranean digitised community of the future, in harmony with nature. Aquellum will house hotel accommodation, apartments, retail spaces, leisure and entertainment zones and innovative hubs.

Zardun – A restorative nature and wildlife retreat..A carefully restored haven, it will extend seamlessly from the majestic mountains to the sea.

What will NEOM offer to visitors and residents?

NEOM’s strategic location offers enhanced connectivity, with 40% of the world within a 6-hour flight. NEOM will be an exciting destination with world-class facilities for either business or leisure. NEOM is being developed in harmony with the surrounding stunning natural landscapes. NEOM’s regreening and rewilding model is protecting 95% of the land for nature, and habitats for local wildlife.

How will NEOM benefit the worldwide community?

NEOM is driving innovation, research and development in 14 sectors, including energy, water, food, design and construction, sport, education, health, tourism, media and culture. Neom will bring together and empower the world’s brightest minds to advance technology and push the limits of human knowledge to find solutions for important global issues, accelerate economic growth and improve standards of living around the world.

When will NEOM open?

The construction of NEOM is making great progress. Sindalah luxury island, will be the first NEOM development to welcome guests in early 2024. The port city of Oxagon is also scheduled to partially open within the coming year, with the onshore part of the city due to complete by 2030. Trojena mountain resort is set to open in 2026. The largest element of NEOM, The Line, is scheduled to open in phases, with completion around 2045.

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