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Cost of Living in Dubai

Cost of Living in Dubai

Cost of Living in Dubai is influenced by various factors and is generally considered more affordable compared to other major cities, which contributes to its appeal for both residents and expatriates.

The main attractions for Doctors working in Dubai are the great lifestyle and ability to build up their savings with a tax-free salary!

The Doctor’s salary in Dubai may vary based on factors such as specialization, experience, and qualifications.

You may be wondering about the cost of living in Dubai and how this relates to the amount you will be able to save from your salary.

Lifestyle in Dubai

In a recent Expat Insider survey from InterNations, Dubai came second in the overall rankings for the best city in the world for expats.

Dubai ranked highly for feeling welcome in the city, availability of services and quality of life.

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world with a low crime rate.

In the United Arab Emirates Dubai city has a lot to offer including year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and deserts, great infrastructure and cutting-edge architecture.

There is also a thriving arts scene with influences from both Eastern and Western cultures.

Dubai offers a wide range of shopping, entertainment, leisure and dining options depending on your budget and lifestyle expectations.

Cost of living in Dubai

In Numbeo’s living Cost of dubai Index 2023, Dubai ranked 182nd out of 540 cities, ranking higher than Madrid, Malmo and Edinburgh but less expensive than London, New York and Singapore.

See Numbeo’s Cost of good life style in Dubai Comparison Calculator: mirates&country2=United+Kingdom&city1=Dubai&city2=London

The cost of life in Dubai varies widely depending on your lifestyle. For example, a Doctor whose main priority is to save and invest for their and their family’s future, or pay off a mortgage back home, may choose to rent a reasonably priced apartment. Alternatively they may rent a villa further away from downtown and the coast, closer to the desert, where properties are less expensive. This may add to the commute time but there are many family-friendly and peaceful residential areas on the outskirts of Dubai. Another Doctor’s priority may be lifestyle and experiencing the best things about living in Dubai. He or she may choose to live somewhere luxurious, near the beach or in a prime location and be happy to pay the higher price range. Living close to work also saves time commuting.

Here are some factors to consider:


Living Expenses in dubai are generally higher the closer you live to downtown or the beach. You can save by living further away from the coast or city center.

(Some people live in the neighbouring Emirate of Sharjah where rents are significantly less than in Dubai, but end up spending a lot of time in traffic getting in and out of Dubai.)


Grocery costs vary depending on whether you buy local or imported products and the type of supermarket you choose.

Dubai has many restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. The cost of dining out is often less than in the UK but varies widely depending on the type of restaurant and the location. Cook at home is significantly cheaper than Dining out.

Home Help

Employing someone to help with housework or childcare is more affordable than in Europe or North America, but is still a cost to budget for.

Transportation costs in Dubai

Cars in Dubai are generally slightly cheaper than in the UK or USA, however this will obviously vary depending on the make and model.

As the UAE is an oil-rich country, petrol is inexpensive (at least half the price compared to the UK) and maintenance costs are reasonable.

Children’s education in dubai

If you are coming with school-aged children, school fees are an expense to consider. Fees increase as a child moves up through the school, so are highest for senior years. A lot of schools offer sibling discounts of around 5 to 10% for younger sibling(s). Corporate discounts may also be available, so check with your employer.

Entertainment and leisure: There are a wide range of leisure activities available, according to your budget. The more touristy attractions can be on the expensive side, but there are plenty of beaches, parks, and inexpensive or free museums and galleries. You can also take the opportunity to get out into the desert or visit a nature reserve.

Dubai has a lot to offer Doctors and their families, including the ability to build up savings for the future.

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