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CV Tips for Specialist Doctors applying to work in the UAE

CV Tips for Specialist Doctors applying to work in the UAE

Are you a highly skilled specialist doctor seeking to relocate to Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates? A CV that showcases your skills and experiences relevant to the position you are applying for is essential. If you want to secure an interview, here are some CV tips for specialist doctors applying to work in the UAE.

The UAE’s medical sector needs self-motivated and flexible specialist doctors. The region seeks Western-trained doctors, especially those with advanced fellowships post-specialization, to introduce new skills and techniques.

If you have teaching experience, this is also beneficial.

Follow these CV tips to get noticed by potential employers:

  1. Use a short summary on the first page of your CV to highlight your skills and experience that align with the job description and person specification for the position which you are applying for.
  2. Include your CCT, general medical council, and specialist registrations, as well as any professional memberships and affiliations.
  3. If you have obtained your registration (proving your eligibility to work in the UAE) or medical license if you are already working in the country, then don’t forget to include details.
  4. Mention if you speak additional languages apart from English. Arabic, being the local language, is especially appreciated, as are European or Indian languages, Mandarin, or Russian.
  5. Highlight your training, clinical experience, and research related to your specialty.
  6.  provide brief details of the relevant audits and quality improvement plans in which you have participated.
  7. Mention whether an independent agency has evaluated or certified your clinical outcomes.
  8. List any peer-reviewed publications, books, book chapters, and presentations you have given at conferences.
  9. If you have started a new service in previous posts, be sure to mention this.
  10. Highlight any teaching or management experience.
  11. List any prizes, awards, or accolades you have received related to your specialty.
  12. Mention any medical voluntary work, such as with NGOs or charities.

The UAE’s dynamic healthcare sector positively offers highly skilled and motivated doctors the chance to:

  1. Be part of a growing and innovative medical sector in UAE
  2. Increase your savings with a tax-free salary!
  3. Enjoy a vibrant international culture with a familiar environment.
  4. Live in one of the safest countries in the world
  5. Enjoy security with the Golden Visa
  6. Discover a convenient and family-friendly lifestyle

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