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UAE opens 10-year ‘Golden Visa’ scheme to all resident doctors

UAE opens 10-year ‘Golden Visa’ scheme to all resident doctors

UAE opens 10-year ‘Golden Visa’ scheme to all resident doctors

In recognition of their dedication and contributions to the healthcare sector, and efforts to protect the emirate against Covid-19, all doctors licensed by the UAE health regulatory bodies can now apply for the golden visa until September 2022.

What is the golden visa scheme?

In 2019, Dubai’s Vice President and Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, introduced the Golden Visa Long-Term Residency Program.Authorities grant golden visas to experts in various fields, recognizing their key role in supporting the nation’s progress.

What are the benefits of the golden visa?

Authorities grant residence visas to most expat workers based on their employment, which requires renewal every two or three years.

Authorities issue golden visas for 10 years, and they are easily renewable as long as the recipient continues to meet the visa conditions. This long-term visa allows foreigners and their immediate family to work, live and study without needing an Emirati sponsor.

The scheme will benefit the UAE’s health sector by encouraging the best talent to remain in the Emirates long term.

How are golden visas different from Emirati citizenship?

Emirati citizenship confers naturalization and an Emirati passport. Citizenship only be granted to individuals who nominated by government or royal court officials will only be nominated for citizenship People eligible for nomination include investors and highly skilled professionals who offer specialized talents or expertise to the country.

How can doctors apply for the Golden Visa?

All doctors licensed by the country’s health regulatory bodies can apply for the golden visa from now until September 2022 via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website Doctors licensed in Dubai can apply through

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