Medical Recruitment Agency Dubai

The Dubai Medical Recruitment Market – opportunities and challenges

The most challenging thing I went through when I decided to relocate from the UK to Dubai was ignoring the status quo!

When I first started the business, I used to hear some people making negative comments such as;

  • The economy in Dubai is bad
  • There are too many recruitment agencies so the competition is too high for me to be successful
  • The market is really struggling

The thing that really helped me through this stage was that I remembered some great advice from one of my previous business mentors who told me that no matter which business, industry, or country we enter, it is the same story everywhere you go!

This advice and awareness helped me so much because then when I started hearing such comments about Dubai, I knew to just ignore it.

So this is what really helped me and 6 years later I am so grateful that I chose not to listen and followed my own intuition and guidance.