Medical Recruitment Agency Dubai

Doctors Recruitment Process

Doctors Recruitment Process

Over the last decade Dubai has evolved into a highly advanced medical tourism hub. Due to Dubai’s unique set up with so many hospitals in a relatively small city, you can understand why the Dubai Healthcare industry is extremely dynamic and competitive.


When physician vacancies come up the hospitals usually need Doctors who can start as soon as possible. This is why we have developed an organized system of assisting highly demanded specialties of Doctors with their DHA License registration and then introducing them to Dubai hospitals that are relevant and suitable to their particular skill set.


Our model also illustrates to the Dubai hospitals which Doctors are really serious about relocating as they have committed to the DHA licensing process.


We have been working in the Dubai healthcare industry for many years now, we have strong market sensitivity and understanding of the hospital’s demands when it comes to hiring Doctors.

Once we have processed your DHA registration, we will connect you to the best hospitals in Dubai / UAE that are BEST matched and MOST relevant to YOUR particular specialty, skillset AND caliber.

We are very excited about the developments and evolution of the Dubai healthcare industry and we are also committed to taking great care of our Doctors and assisting them to secure excellent and lucrative working opportunities in the most vibrant and fastest growing city in the world!