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Looking for Medical Jobs in Dubai?

Looking for Medical Jobs in Dubai?

Looking For Medical Jobs in Dubai

Are you a medical professional considering relocating to Medical Jobs in Dubai? Read on to learn about the healthcare sector and medical careers in this vibrant, multicultural city.

Why is Dubai a great location for healthcare professionals?

Dubai’s well-established and expanding healthcare sector provides care to the highest international standards for the full range of medical specialties.

Dubai’s rapidly expanding healthcare sector requires highly skilled physicians, surgeons, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, dieticians, and speech therapists. Healthcare professionals relocate to Dubai to take advantage of higher salaries with zero income tax.

Dubai is also a very safe and family-friendly city, with every amenity available to provide a high quality of life. For these reasons, highly motivated healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers while contributing to an exciting, growing healthcare sector find Dubai an attractive location.

The healthcare sector in Dubai

Dubai’s well-regulated healthcare sector has world-class facilities, including many JCI-accredited hospitals in both the public and private sector. There has been significant investment into healthcare infrastructure, digital technologies, medical education and research.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all residents, mainly provided by employers for expats. Dubai has established itself as a popular medical tourism destination. The Dubai Health Experience (DXH) website and app enable patients to find quality-assured healthcare providers and facilitators to optimize their medical tourism experience.

The Dubai Academic Health Corporation, established in 2021, is part of the emirate’s broader strategy to advance health services in Dubai by integrating healthcare, medical education and scientific research.

While the UAE is developing its medical education and training capacity to enable more Emirati nationals to enter the healthcare sector, it still relies heavily on skilled and experienced international healthcare professionals to meet medical staffing requirements.

Medical Doctor jobs in Dubai’s growing healthcare sector

There are opportunities within this dynamic and growing medical career for doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals with the right qualifications, skills, and experience to seek healthcare jobs in Dubai.  Western-trained doctors, especially those with advanced fellowships post-specialization, are sought after to bring new skills and techniques to the region.

Specialties, in particular, demand for Medical Doctors in Dubai

  • Dermatology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Anesthesia
  • Emergency medicine
  • Intensive Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Oncology
  • Psychiatry
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • General Surgery 
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Nephrology

 How can I apply for medical jobs in Dubai?

In Dubai’s dynamic and competitive healthcare recruitment market, hospitals seek to fill vacancies quickly. Therefore, it is highly advised to check the specific licensing requirements and start the process as early as possible. In Dubai, medical licensing is regulated by The Dubai Health Authority (DHA). However, in Abu Dhabi, it is the Department of Health (DOH), and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) oversee licensing in the Northern Emirates.

What are the requirements for DHA Licensing?

To apply for a DHA license, you must have a valid professional license to practice in your home country and/or country of last employment. The required post-qualification experience depends on your profession and grade. You can find the specific requirements for different categories of Dubai healthcare jobs in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) document:

To check if you are eligible to apply, use the DHA’s online self-assessment tool:

Once you have checked your eligibility, register and login to the DHA’s licensing gateway, Sheryan, where you can also check DHA license fees and other requirements:

Next, upload your documents for DataFlow Verification. Required documents may include (but not limited to):

  • Educational certificates
  • Professional qualification certificates 
  • Recent professional and employment experience 
  • For dental and surgical specialties: logbook for the last 2 years – authorized, stamped, and signed by hospital authority
  • A valid license or registration from the medical licensing body of the country of recent employment 
  • Valid good standing certificate, not older than 6 months
  • Valid Passport Copy 
  • Recent Photo 
  • Academic transcripts

For some university certificates, you can obtain validations in the UAE by using the Ministry of Education’s equivalency service:

Obtaining the DataFlow DHA report usually takes between 6 to 12 weeks. The total time it takes to obtain a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license varies, depending on the country where your qualifications and training were gained.

Do I need to take a DHA Licensing exam?

If you have trained and worked in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, you may be exempt from taking a DHA licensing exam. However, for other countries, passing a licensing exam for your specialty is usually required. This may be either a computer-based test Prometric exam, or an oral examination.

DHA licensing exams are conducted in English, so English language proficiency is a must. If you are required to pass a DHA exam, you must prepare by studying the syllabus and completing practice tests with sample DHA exam questions.

After application, you can you check your medical license status, via the Sheryan portal. To renew your license annually, you must comply with Continuing Medical Education (CME)  requirements for your specialty.

What are the salary and compensation packages for doctors?

Medical doctor salaries in Dubai vary depending on different specialties. There are no fixed salary scales for doctors or other health professionals in the UAE. So, doctor salaries in Dubai are negotiated on an individual basis and vary greatly according to specialty, grade, demand, qualifications, and country of training and experience. However, salaries are considerably higher than in most doctor’s countries of origin, and there is no income tax to pay.

As a guide, western-trained, specialist consultant physicians and surgeons can earn a basic monthly salary of between 80,000 AED ($22,000) and 90,000 AED ($25,000) per month. On top of this, many hospitals provide allowances for accommodation, children’s education, and annual flights home, which can significantly increase your tax-free take-home pay.

Private hospitals may offer extra performance-based or revenue-sharing incentives. Other benefits for all expatriate health professionals relocating to the UAE include 30 days of paid annual leave, employer-provided medical insurance, an end-of-service gratuity, and a one-month basic salary for each year worked. As an added incentive to stay in the UAE for the long term, doctors licensed by UAE health regulatory bodies can easily apply for a 10-year, renewable ‘‘Golden Visa.’ Doctors’ pay in Dubai varies based on factors such as specialization, experience, and the healthcare facility’s location and reputation.

What are the challenges and opportunities in Dubai’s medical job market?

Relocating to work in a new country doesn’t come without challenges and may require some adaptation. You may find some differences in working with health insurance companies. Building up your patient base may take time, especially if you are establishing a new service. It helps to be proactive in networking and marketing to build your referral network and create awareness of what you have to offer. A long-term view and a positive attitude are essential in the early stages.

On the plus side, doctors in Dubai see and treat patients from all over the world, including citizens, expats and medical tourists. Dubai provides a supportive environment for research and is a regional hub for medical conferences and events. There are also many opportunities for consultants to get involved in leadership, teaching and training the next generation of healthcare professionals.   

How can I find a medical job in Dubai?

The UAE healthcare recruitment market is dynamic and competitive. While you can search for opportunities through online job boards, this may not be the best way to find the right job for you. You can also widen your professional network and get in touch with colleagues working in Dubai to discover new opportunities. However, finding the right healthcare recruitment consultant agency is essential to connecting you with top hospitals in Dubai.

How can I tailor my CV for the Dubai medical recruitment sector?

A CV that showcases your skills and experience relevant to the position you are applying for is essential if you want to secure a job in Dubai. Don’t forget to include full details of your specialist training, professional licenses, memberships, and affiliations.

Give details of your specialist skills and experience. Highlight your teaching, research, publications, or management experience. Also, include the language skills you have; although only English is essential, being able to speak other languages can be an advantage.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, working in Dubai’s expanding healthcare sector is an attractive option for highly motivated healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers and improve their lifestyles. Salaries and other benefits vary and are negotiated on an individual basis, but doctors’ salaries are considerably higher than in most countries, with no income tax to pay. To give yourself the best chance of success, apply for your DHA licence at the start of your job search. Finding the right healthcare recruitment agency is crucial in securing your dream job in Dubai.

What next?

Allocation Assist has helped hundreds of highly skilled, western-trained doctors relocate to the UAE. We have a well-established network of trusted relationships with the most reputed and respected hospitals in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our unique insights into the complex healthcare and medical recruitment sectors in the UAE enable us to provide a niche, personalized service for high-caliber doctors. 

Allocation Assist’s growing team is available to provide doctors with support and advice at every step, from their initial inquiry through the licensing, application, and interview processes to contract negotiations and beyond. 

To find out more about working in Dubai’s dynamic and growing healthcare sector, contact Dubai’s top medical recruitment agency: Allocation Assist Middle East

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