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Consultant Female Breast Radiologist

Full time in Breast Radiology
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Job Description

We currently have a vacancy for a Consultant Female Breast Radiologist (Western-trained) with one of our hospitals in Dubai! Our client is a prestigious, well-established private hospital group in the UAE.



Job Summary:

We are looking for an organized, detail-oriented Female Breast Radiologist (Western-trained) to be responsible for operating imaging equipment for diagnostic purposes. Their responsibilities include following Physicians’ orders regarding the area of the body to scan, positioning patients and equipment, and answering patients’ questions. The Radiologic Technologist will use imaging equipment to capture images of tissues, bones, organs, and vessels, and may assist in the administration of radiation therapy treatments or radio pharmaceuticals.

Breast Radiology is a sub-speciality of diagnostic radiology that involves imaging of the breasts for screening or diagnostic purposes. Breast tomosynthesis is a new digital mammography technique that produces 3D images of the breast using x-rays. Xeromammography and Galactography also use x-ray technology and are also used infrequently in the detection of breast cancer. Breast ultrasound is another technology employed in diagnosis & screening and specifically can help differentiate between fluid filled and solid lumps that can help determine if cancerous.  Breast MRI is, yet, another technology reserved for high-risk patients and can help determine the extent of cancer if diagnosed. Lastly, scintimammography is used in a subgroup of patients who have abnormal mammograms or whose screening is not reliable on the basis of using traditional mammography or ultrasound.

Qualifications: Western Trained doctors.


The starting salary will be around 65,000 – 70,000K AED Monthly (Tax free), the earning potential will increase as you become established in the market. The contract will be unlimited and will include flights, malpractice insurance and health insurance. You will also get an additional 1 month salary as per the UAE labor law which you will collect as a lump sum once you leave the contract.

Working hours will be 45 – 48 hours a week over 5 or 6 days.

45 days annual leave per year (30 paid).