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Specialist - Internal Medicine

Sector: Internal Medicine

(Age: 41 years)

Member Since, July 13, 2022

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  • Full Name Imen Medini
  • Nationality German
  • DOB 03/07/1981
  • Specific areas of interests within the specialization
    Diabetology. Guideline-based treatment of patients with: Diabetes mellitus Type 1. Diabetes mellitus Type 2. Gestational diabetes. Secondary forms of diabetes. Patients with diabetes distress (e.g. diabetes acceptance disorders). A particular focus is the care of diabetic complications: Diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). Diabetic Nephropathy. Gestational diabetes. GI autonomic neuropathy of the gastrointestinal or genitourinary tract. Nephrology. Conducting consultations to diagnose illnesses. Assess the kidneys to determine treatment. Managed pre- chronic kidney disease patients Referring patients to surgeons. Recommending dialysis. Treating and managing conditions. Administering medication.
  • Years of experience post specialization 10
  • DHA / HAAD / MOH License? DHA Eligibility
  • Family Status Married
  • Have children/ or any dependent? 3 Children
  • Notice period Immediately
  • Salary expectation 70,000AED
  • Country of training Germany
  • Current location Germany
  • Specialist / Consultant Specialist Grade
  • Targeted Emirates Dubai