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Allocation Assist’s Recruitment Platform?

Allocation Assist’s Specialist Recruitment Platform

Connecting highly skilled and motivated western-trained doctors with leading hospitals in Dubai and the UAE

We are excited to announce the launch of our new recruitment platform which will simplify the process of recruiting the right specialist medical professionals for world-class hospitals in Dubai and the UAE.

Why choose Allocation Assist’s Recruitment Platform?

Over recent years Allocation Assist has successfully registered hundreds of highly skilled medical professionals with the UAE medical license so that they can legally practice in Dubai and be introduced to the Dubai and UAE healthcare system.

Frequently asked questions about the platform

At Allocation Assist we have a proven track record, supporting hundreds of highly skilled medical professionals to secure key positions within our established network of highly reputed hospitals in Dubai.

  • Western trained doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals 
  • DHA licenced candidates, eligible to work in Dubai (help is available to obtain your licence)
  • Applicants who are already resident in the UAE or serious about relocating
  • Simpler and faster recruitment process
  • Search according to your specific requirements
  • Exclusive database of high quality western trained health professionals with the skills and experience you require
  • Only DHA licensed candidates who are serious about relocating
  • Key information on candidates’ qualifications, experience and availability
  • Free to use – no registration fee
  • Exclusive promotion to our network of reputed hospitals in Dubai and the UAE
  • Highlight your skills and experience to potential employers
  • Save time and effort submitting multiple applications
  • Help with arranging interviews
  • Advice on contract negotiation 
  • Relocation consultancy
  • No registration fees
  • Service fee only applicable for candidates successfully securing a post (payable within 45 days of contract start date)


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